Hosting the Family Reunions

Making memories
 for you and other family members



Making memories for you and other family members

When putting together the reunions that I have done before. It's sometimes confusing to what will make the other family members want to come to "this years reunion". But it every case that I've been in charged or helped with a reunion, it has always been very rewarding. Rewarding in the sense of an accomplishment, knowing that one has brought together family members. Some whom rarely or never of would of get a chance to visit with each other if not for coming to reunion. Some who see each other quite often but come to celebrate a special family time.
In preparing the reunions I think a few of the most difficult things are trying to stay on top of the address changes and new additions. Also the concern of who will be the kind hearted soul's to take the next years reunion. Folks these two things that are really not that hard to do. The first is simple, you can email me your address, new or updated, here at or fill in the form on the "Update Moved" button. When every you can include new address from your children and/or grand children that have moved or moved out. This way we will have the most current address information to send out the reunion invitations. While your at it please let us know of new marriages and births.  by email or going to the genealogy area then to Submit Your Family Group Records.  Also if you can/will please let us know of any divorces or deaths in the family. This is so we can stay on top of the genealogy of the family.
If you want/need to you can call me at 801-754-0631 to give me any of the above information instead of sending it online.
The other area that is of concern is who will be the kind hearted soul's to take the next years reunion. It seems like a lot to take on but if you ask other family members, and there are a lot of us willing to help, you will find it easier. It's not as hard as you might think, really. I would be happy to answer any questions and help out as would most any of the others whom have done a reunion before. . It's an experience that every family should try. You won't be sorry for doing so. Putting it together and seeing your plans coming to reality can be really fun and as I said before very rewarding.
Thanks to all those who have and will help in future reunions.

 If you would like you can take a look at some of the reunions past reunion invitations. Just follow the links at the bottom of the "About Past Years Reunions" page.
See ya at the reunions,

 Sarah Lowe Dees