Lowe Reunion Invitation for 2002



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Lowe Reunion Invitation for 2002

Lowe Family Reunion at

Whitings Campground, Mapleton Utah


Draft Notice


               You are hereby notified that you have been drafted. You and
your family have been called to appear at the appointed time and place
written on this notice.  ‑Friday, August 9th through Sunday, August 11th 
Your physicals have been taken and unless there is a reason for
you not appearing that will be accepted by our united family ties, your
presence will be anticipated. Please respond ASAP. Draft dodgers will
be thoroughly disciplined by the family MP's.


Friday August 9 th

×         1200 Hrs (12:00 Noon) Set up your barracks, stow your gear and get settled in. This would be a good time
to sign up for the calvary horse shoe toss. (Sign up with either Curtis or Matt Lowe.)

×          1800 Hrs (6:00 PM) Meet at the mess hall for chow. Bring your own meat & a pot luck dish to share
with everyone. Camp fires are not permitted this year, but grills will be hot if you want to cook your
own meat. Drinks will be provided. 

×           2000 Hrs (8:00 PM) Meet around the fire pit area for a casual de‑briefing. (Visiting & singing)

  ×          AT dusk, all interested 12 yrs & up meet at Co Headquarters (fire pit) for moonlight maneuvers.
Moonlight treasure hunt) Everyone participating must have their own flashlight, extra batteries,
good shoes & long pants. Everyone taking part will be rewarded!
      Later, head back to your barracks and get plenty of rest. Maneuvers begin bright & early in the

                      Saturday, August 10th                     

0700 Hrs (7:00 AM) Reveille will sound. Get your barracks in order and report to the mess hall for
breakfast, 0700 Hrs to 0900 Hrs (7:00 AM to 9:00 AM)
Cost: $1.50 per person or $8.00 per family (same household)     Remember, all proceeds go to fund next
years reunion. *Those who are late will be assigned K.P. (Kitchen Patrol)

×                  0800 Hrs (8:00 AM) Cavalry horse shoe toss will begin for any of you who are 12 yrs & up and brave
enough to fight off the competition.

×                 0900 Hrs (9:00 AM) Gather your Corporals, Captains and Privates & march to the officers lounge
for some well deserved recreation. (BINGO) This will be a good time to get acquainted with our
new recruits.

×                 1100 Hrs (I 1:00 AM) Notice to all Platoon members One year old to Adult, meet at the training
field. Be prepared for a good workout, and some fun too! (Games, Races, Activities etc ... )

×                 1200 Hrs to 1300 Hrs (12:00 Noon to 1:00PM) Lunch ‑ On your own

×                 1300 Hrs (1:00 PM) Again, everyone meet at the training field for more maneuvers. Lots of fun
activities have been planned!

×                  1700 Hrs (5:00 PM) Back at the mess hall for Chow. This meal will be prepared by the reunion
Cost: $1.50 per person or $8.00 per family (same household)
It's been a busy day so bring your hearty appetites, eat, relax & visit.

×                  Our USO Show starts at 1900 Hrs (7:00 PM)
Special entertainment will be provided by members of each platoon. So get those musical
instruments out of storage, practice your song & dance routine, plan that short family skit, or
whatever talent you may have. We are all looking forward to this years show. *All wanting to
participate contact Doug Lowe.
* Special awards of merit will be presented after the program. (Newest baby, farthest traveled etc...

×               2000 Hrs (8:00 PM) The time has arrived for everyone to visit our PX post exchange (Raffle) Please
bring an item or items to contribute to the raffle tables. Another beautiful family quilt is being made
to raffle off. All donations are greatly appreciated and go to fund our next reunion.
Note: It has become increasingly more expensive to put on a family reunion. Funds are needed.
Please be generous in your donations. Thanks!

    Sunday, August 11th              

×               Breakfast‑ on your own

×               0900 Hrs (9:00 AM) Platoons meet again at the captains lounge for more relaxation and BINGO

×               By 1200 Hrs (12:00 Noon) tear down barracks and say goodbye for another year.  
A Special Reminder

Please keep in your hearts & minds all of the men & women who are serving in our armed
forces & are away from their faniffies & loved ones. They are righting to defend our liberties
and freedoms. Please remember them in your hearts and in your prayers. Thanks Again.


Questions: call Kent or Shelly Erickson  at  (801) 465-1530

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