Lowe Reunion Invitation for 2004




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Lowe Reunion Invitation for 2004

(ah LOH hah
, greetings)

 Hele mei hoohiwahiwa (come celebrate)

The LOWE OHANA (oh HAH nah, family) REUNION
July 30th, 31st  & August 1st,  2004

 Relax under the gentle breezes and tall trees in our little Hawaiian paradise.
The setting will be in the Nani (NAN nee, beautiful) maunna (MOW nah, mountains)
at –Whitings campground, site A.   
In Mapleton Canyon, Utah.

Friday - Po’alima  (poh ah-lee-mah)   

    2:00 pm-  Our Palekaiko (paradise) camp site is open, so you can put up your trailers, tents, or grass hale (HAH lay, house).  

    After you settle in, come and join the hau`oli [hau' oh lee] (happy) natives and get reacquainted.

     For those who want to be in the Kama'a hao (horseshoe) competition you will need to sign up as soon as you can. The competition it self starts Saturday at 9:00 am and goes throughout the day up to the program time. A sign up sheet for the horseshoe competition will be available in the main camp area along with more information about the competition, for questions ask Dan French.

    5:00 pm to 6:00 pm ‑ Lets all surf on over to the bingo table.
     7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Ho'olu komo la kaua (Please join us) and  Mai e `ai (Come and eat) at our lu`au (LOO ow, feast / dinner. We will be serving you­ `ono (delicious) Polynesian Shish kebabs,  Baked potatoes, Green salad, Rolls, Watermelon, and Volcano Punch. 

Prices are as follows:
$1.75 per child ( children 6 and under )  
$2.50 per person ( adults & youths over 7) 
$14.00 per family (must be living under one household)
Remember that all money from the Dinner will go toward helping to fund future reunions.

          In the evening come gather in the main camp area where you can listen to sounds of nature and join other OHANA (oh HAH nab, family) members and mele (MEH lay, sing) old & new favorites. Perhaps even try a few hula moves.

                                     Saturday - Po ‘aono  (poh ah-o-no)

    8:00 am to 9:30 am ‑ Have a good mainland fashioned 'aina kakahiaka (breakfast). We will be serving Ham, Eggs, Pancakes with syrup & jam, hot kope (koh' peh, coffee), hot cocoa and festive juice to inu (ee-new, drink).
                                 Please remember that all money from the breakfast will go
            toward helping to fund future reunions. Prices are the same as Friday night’s dinner prices.

    9:00 am-  The Kama’a hao (horseshoe) competition begins. Please don’t wander off to far or you may miss your turn. 

    9:00 am to 10:30 am – Come and see how many times you can win at Bingo.

      Through out the reunion - up to program time, we are looking for those who want to share their talents,
 story, hula dancing, and such in the program so let Earl Ray
(Lei) Lowe know so he can sign you up.

    11:00 am to 1:00 pm- Join us for fun in the sand at the volleyball court. There will be games & races
for ALL age groups and some really cool prizes, also prizes for everyone who participates.

     1:00 pm to 2:00 pm- When the games are pau (POW, finished) and if you are a keiki (KAY kee, child) of  12 or under, there will be a Treasure Hunt­. Meet at main camp area.
    2:00 pm to 3:00 pm- It's Pot Luck Lunch & time to ai (AH ee, eat). Please bring your own main
dish and   some kaukau (KOW kow, Food) to Share. Volcano Punch & Traditional Root Beer will be
provided to inu (
ee-new, drink).
    3:15 pm to 4:00 pm- Please bring all raffle items to the tables in the main campground. Mahalo (
mah-hah-low, thank you) for your donation. This is our main source of funding for the next years reunion so all that you do is greatly appreciated. If you are unable to be at the reunion but still would like to support it – money is also accepted as well as raffle items. 

         4:00 pm to 5:00 pm-  Raffle tickets will be sold in the main camp area.  Please be generous, this is the main support for future reunions.

    5:00 pm- The program will begin. Put a lei (lay, flower wreath) on and dress up HAWAIIAN
and come join the Fun. (If you still want to be in the program & haven’t signed up to be in it yet, let Earl Ray
(Lei) Lowe know so he can sign you up.)
    After the program is pau. (DOW, done) the Raffle will begin.
    Everyone paddle his or her own wa`a (canoe) for dinner, your on your own.

    Right around napo'o 'ana o ka la (sunset) there is leakule (treasure) to be found within our paradise. This treasure hunt is for any kane (KAH nab, man)' or wahine (wah nay, woman) who is 13 years or older. Meet at the main fire pit. Bring flashlights please and get parents permission if needed so you don't get into any pilikia (PEE lee KEE ah, trouble).

  As the evening is closing, bring your ukuleles, Mai Tai  (or what ever) and join us singing mele (MEH lay, songs) around the fire pit. 

Sunday - La’apule (la ah-poo-lay ) 

   Breakfast is on your own.

     10:00 am to 11:30 am- Last chance to play Bingo

                    At noon  please Mai poina! (Don’t forget) to leave our little paradise nice and clean.
   By 1:00 pm it's time to catch your ocean liner, boat, canoe, raft, or vehicle. Whatever gets you back to your mainland. A hui hou kakou (until we meet again). Have a safe trip home and see oe (OH ee, you) and your ohana (oh HAH nab, family) next year.
                                                    Mahalo (mah HAH Job, thanks). 
               Aloha (ah LOH hah, farewell) and A hui hou! (ah hui' hou'!, See you later!)      

                                          For questions call any of the following:

 Sarah (Kala) Dees 801‑754-0631 or Alice (Aleka) French 801-491-8769 or
Shelby (Kelipi) Martindale 801-491-0797 or Rachel (Leikela) Bailey 801-426-9606 or Tammy (Kami) Lowe
or visit the website at
 (AH lah, road) map