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Lowe Reunion 2009
July 10-12

Well once again our legacy has survived. So to celebrate we are having a Mountain Man Rendezvous. Pack your mules and wagons or ride in on your Palominos, but however you choose to get there remember it’s still at Whiting Campground in Mapleton Canyon. Please arrive at 2:00 and start setting up your tents and. camp spots. As soon as you’re settled, reacquaint yourselves with the rest of the group.

Friday’s Agenda:

Sign up for horse shoes and let the tournament begin.


Adult activities are going to commence with lots of challenging sports, Pry pan toss, roll your wheel, peel a kiss, and whatever else we can round up. 13+ age group.

- 8:30: Dinner is served, so bring your appetites for some good cooking and dutch oven desserts.
            Price for dinner is:        $2.50 per child. (7 & under)
                                               $3.00 per person (8 & up)
                                               $16.00 per family (living in same household)

Evening: Gather around the campfire for some good ol’ relain’, singin’. and spreadin’ the news.

Saturdays Agenda:

8:00 - 9:00: Put on your petty coats and pull up your buckskins and head on down to breakfast. Cost is the same as dinner the night before.

Horseshoes will begin right after breakfast and go all clay.

- 10:30: Bingo

11:00 - 12:30: All pioneer children and little injuns will have their time for some Mountain Man fun and games.

2:00 - 3:30: Pot Luck Dinner. Remember to hunt and bring your own meat and something to share with the rest of us.

3:45: Bring your raffle items down to the table. Remember this is how we earn money for next years reunion. PLEASE be generous. Sign up for the talent show and program will also happen at this time. Please let Steve Lowe know if you would like to be in it.

5:00: Program and Raffle. Come on down with your best duds, either pioneer/mountain man or Indian. There will be prizes for the best dressed in each category.

Evening: Dinner is on your own.

Late night: Round Robin. For those interested in swapping goods bring your own trade items. Mountain Man type trade items are preferred. For more info on this activity contact Karen Morrell at 801-798-0565. We need participants if this activity is to be successful.

Sunday Agenda:

Breakfast is on your own.

9:00 - 10:00: Last chance for bingo.

Check out time is at 1:00 pm. Please make sure you clean up your camp and also around the main area. Please leave mother earth the way you found her, pickup all the trash you see and we’ll see you next year.

Any questions should be directed to Karen Morrell at 801-798-0565.

Visit the family website at www.lowefamilypage.com


Hope to see you there
map to location is below


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Map to Whitings Campground near Mapleton UT