Lowe Family Reunion History




Lowe Family Reunion History

The Lowe Reunion was originally called the Lowe / Powell Reunion. Although the Powell part was dropped, the Powell name will always continue to be in our hearts, a part of our family, and be equally as important to us.

 We all had small family get together right  at first but the first planned Lowe/Powell reunion was started 1963 or 1964. It started when Linda Lowe, Margaret Beardall, Jerrie Lowe where at Jerrie's home having Linda dye their hair. As they were talking, the idea of everyone getting together for a reunion came up and it was decided then to see if they could arrange a reunion. They sent the invitation out on simple postcards for the first few years. Some of the people that took the reunion for the first few years were Doug & Linda Lowe, Ray & Jerrie Lowe, Homer & Margaret Beardall, Jim & Marilyn Lowe, Ron & Roma Davis. Jessie (Jackie) Lowe had always been the reunion treasurer. That role has since been handed down.

Many more have hosted  the  reunion since and we wish to thank them all.

For many years it was held at Kelly's grove because at that time we could get the park for no charge. Something to do with our ancestor Richard Lowe having something to do with the property for so many years before.  Lately it's been held at Whiting  Camp Ground  near Mapleton UT. It's so far seems to be the only place that is big enough and still close enough to the old homestead in Springville Ut.

 No one is sure when the first family from out of state started to attend but there were around fifty or so people there for the first few years. It has grown much larger since then.

For the first few years we didn't have a quilt. But now one of the main parts of our raffle include a large beautiful hand-stitched quilt that Laurel Danise makes each year.

The idea for a theme on the reunions started the year Jim & Marilyn Lowe was in charge. It was a western theme.

There have always been the games played. Such as badminton, gunny sack, foot race, three legged, baseball, baby bottle drinking contests, horseshoes and of course bingo. Some games changing each year and some still stayed the same. Mystery Mouse has been a part of the reunion since the first year. If you have ever been at a reunion you would know about Mystery Mouse and  of the small wrap packages mysteriously appearing here and there left for the children. Some years even a treasure.

The program brought us many wonderful talents. Some are old favorites and some are new to us each year. Doug Lowe had MC almost every year. Some years having to all but yell to be heard and almost losing his voice because of having no microphone. That now has been turned over to those that are in- charge for the year.

At the first few reunions we asked for a $2.00 donation from each of the families. But when that didn't seem to be working we started relying on the raffle for funding. Everything that funds the next years reunion(s) comes from the raffle except for the most welcomed volunteers and Mystery Mouse and those who generously put in money out of there own pockets even before and after the raffle.

 As many of us well know, it seems there is some kind of accident bound to happen, from a scraped knee to burns from the fire pit. We do need to take some money out of the reunion fund to keep a adequate stocked first-aid kit up each year.

We wish to thank all those who have and those who will in future donated their gifts & creativity to the raffle table as well as to those who support it by going in on the raffle.

Of course there has always been some campfire singing, but in the early 1970's the all night ( well almost all night ) campfire singing really started when Kent Lowe brought his guitar and his talent.

Whom could ever forget (or at least by those that  participated) the Midnight treasure hunts that Shelly Lowe Erickson had put together. Talk about challenging but fun!

This is just a small portion of our reunion's history. Each year we all make more memories and history for us all to enjoy. We hope to see all of our family(s) there this year as well as the next Lowe Reunion(s).


If you have a special memory of a past reunion and would like to share it, email it to webmster@lowefamilypage.com and we will put it in a area here to share with other