About the Lowe Family Page Web Site




How this site became to be and about this site

The Lowe Family Page started in 1986 when I (Sarah Lowe Dees) wanted to start a family website to help family keep in touch and learn more about their family. Also to satisfy my desire to learn more about the www (world wide web). Not knowing much more than the typical person back then surfing the web, I talked my brother Richard into helping me start setting up one. Richard knowing way more and had a love of computers of course was very willing to help.
So in the summer of 1986 we began.  Richard and  I laid out what we wanted and soon the first few pages were complete. From there I continued to add more and learn more.  Soon  I was handling the site mostly on  my own with help from Richard off and on.
Richard passed away in 1999  and now I continue the site on my own.   The site has changed and grown through the years and with the help of  contributions from our families input, stories, genealogy, photos and more, along with those who visit the site it will continue to grow just as a family does.
The Lowe Family Page will always  continue to be a learning process  for me. But one that is a combination of love for family and learning and yes it seems that  when things seem hard to  figure out I  get a feeling, a little nudge of confidence to go on from Richard above.
So with that I dedicate this site to my brother Elden Richard Lowe.


Sarah Lowe Dees

Elden Richard Lowe