Lowe Family Reunion 2001

A look back at how the reunion for 2001 went.



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Lowe Family Reunion 2001

The year 2001 reunion was based upon a Renaissance theme.
The host of the reunion for the year 2001 was Lady Sarah Dees or Countess Alice French or Demoiselle Becky Spalding. Thank you so very much to everyone who helped out this year.
We started by setting up camps and reacquainting families and getting to know new ones. We had some that we hadn’t seen in a long while come during the program, which made it even more special. We also started with the horseshoe signups. Count Dan & Countess Alice French seen to it that all who signed up and played had fun with that challenging sport.
The Friday night dinner went well and the roasted chicken was delicious. As well as all the trimmings it was a family effort to get it cooked and put together and a big thanks Jerame Martindale for all the baked potatoes as well as for Jerrie Lowe help with the wonderful dessert and again thanks everyone who helped with the dinner.
Later Bill Lowe’s talents entertained us with his guitar & voice and our own singing sitting around the campfire.
On Saturday more people showed up and we were glad to see them. We were very happy to see Jessie (Jackie) Lowe there. We knew it would most likely be her last one and will treasure the time spent with her always. We had our races for all ages and the egg toss & baby bottle drinking contest which is always fun to play in as well as to watch. Then we had the Children’s treasure hunt (11 and younger) Master Jerame & Mistress Shelby Martindale took charge of that and did a wonderful job.
We played darts and the kids made paper/foil swords and decorated them. Also the girls (all ages) made head wreath out of chenille wires and fabric flowers. We also had our royalty contest were everyone drew a nametag for a character. Such as knights, pages, royal guards, barons & barrenness’, lady's in waiting, wizards, dairymaids, squires, footman, maid servants, royal food tasters, mercers,  jesters, and many more. We wore our tags though out Saturday and most everyone seemed to have fun addressing each to there appropriate title.
In the afternoon we had our potluck lunch and the program with many wonderful talents. Then we had our royalty contest. The chosen King, Queen, Prince, and Princess proclaimed were
King: Victor Hatch, Queen: Gerri Howard, Prince: Wes Brown, Princess: Amanda Davis.
After they received their crowns and treasures we then had the raffle. It seems to get bigger ever year, we want to thank Tammy Lowe and all other for their help in the ticket area & setting up before the raffle begin. The quilt that Laurel Dansie made was the crown in the treasures of the raffle. Alice Lowe French won the quilt for the year 2001, much to her delight.
Later we had a hotdog & marshmallow roast and once again enjoyed singing and talking around the campfire.
Saturday evening we had the midnight treasure hunt was a good one this year as it always is when
Sir Kent & the Fair Lady Shelly Lowe Erickson take charge of it.  It wasn't easy though and it had participators up till past 2:00 am. But, as we who have been part of it before know, it is suppose to be one of the most challenging hunts ever done. It's not your average hunt and was for 12 years old and up.
Sunday morning we had breakfast of ham, eggs, and pancakes. One of the stoves was not working properly & we ran out of eggs but with the help of family members we got though it ok.
After breakfast it was time to head for home. All in all it turned out to be a very good family reunion. It was a reunion that was befitting of royalty.