Lowe Family Reunion 2002

A look back at how the reunion for 2002 went.



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Lowe Family Reunion 2002

For those who were (AWOL) Absent With Out Leave, or (MIA) Missing In Action at last year’s reunion held August 9-11th 2002 at Whiting Campground in Mapleton Utah, here are some of the highlights:

The theme was Boot Camp. (Put on by Kent and Shelly Erickson and Family)

On Friday, family members from far and wide started arriving around noon. Everyone set up camp and got reacquainted. At dusk, we sat around the "fireless pit" and enjoyed listening to Kent Lowe play his guitar and sing. (this has been one of my favorite things to do at the family reunion for as long as I can remember.)

The Moonlight Maneuvers (Treasure Hunt, consisting of aprox 50 adults ages 12 on up.)  went off without any major casualties. Along with the normal clues we added aprox 10 team challenges making the treasure hunt even more spectacular and memorable!

The Midnight Raiders were MIA this year but rest assured, they will be back next year with a vengeance! Bwahahaha!

Mystery Mouse seems to find us every year. All of the children look forward to finding paper wrapped coins with names, clues and hidden treasures.

Bingo was played on both Saturday and Sunday morning. Most everyone both young and old participated with fun prizes for all.

Saturday also included games and activities for all ages to enjoy.

* The children enjoyed races, piñata, sawdust hunt, beanbag toss and treasure hunts.  All who participated were awarded prizes and the winners were presented with gold medals.

* The Adult activities consisted of a balloon launch (volleyball), grenade egg toss, water gun shoot, an obstacle course, which presented everyone with multiple challenges, some mental and some physical.  and an all day horseshoe competition.

The winners of the horse shoe competition were as follows"
* 1st place- Mark Lowe and Dan French.
* 2nd place- Ron Lowe and Sabrina Lowe.
* 3rd place- Matt Lowe and Chris Lowe.

USO Talent Show was held that evening. A few talented family members came forward to share their talents with us this year. We know that there are many MANY others, and hope they will share their talents with us next year.

The Moonlight Raffle, (not on purpose) along with the paid breakfast and dinner raised ample funds for next years reunion thanks to all who donated their time, talents, and contributions.
* Also a HUGE thanks goes out to Laurel Dansie (and all who helped quilt) who has made the traditional coveted quilt for the past 43 years.

* The winner of this years quilt was Alma Lowe Willson.

Yes, Saturday was packed with loads of fun and exciting events.  All had a good time.

Sunday was spent relaxing and getting ready to go back home.

I would love to extend a HUGE thank you to ALL the family members who unselfishly helped to make this years reunion such a huge success!!!!!!!

David and Karen Morrell and family have volunteered to be over next years reunion to be
held August 1, 2 and 3 of 2003 which is the FIRST WEEKEND in August 2003.
Be sure to mark it on your calendars. Hope to see you ALL there!

Kent and Shelly (Lowe) Erickson and Family wrote the Reunion article above