Lowe Family Reunion 2003

A look back at how the reunion for 2003 went.



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Lowe Family Reunion 2003

Things began with walking into the main camp area decorated in cobwebs and spooky objects. The children were already trying to convince family members that it's Halloween.
Horseshoe sign-ups started and folks started practicing right away. Family members visited as they got there and some played bingo as soon as it was available.   Of course Mystery Mouse was up to its usual fun, leaving wrapped pennies and notes of treasure to be found for the little children. This was done all through reunion. We so appreciate (and I'm sure Mystery Mouse does too) those older children who realized the importance of letting the smaller children find the penny and clues. Most everyone was curious and a little afraid of what type of dinner was planned, since it was posted as "Kidney stone soup, fried pig lips rolled in sugar, arm & leg bones, petrified caterpillars and stick bugs, and refreshing bats blood." It turned out to be delicious homemade chili, bread sticks, punch. Whoosh, what a relief. The rest of the evening was spent visiting.
The next morning many came hungry to the tables for a breakfast of pancakes and fixin's with bacon, juice, coffee, hot coco. After breakfast the horseshoe contest began and more bingo was played. Everyone who wanted to dressed up in their Halloween costumes, looking forward to the contest later on.
Later the children played games and races then the 13 and up had their turn. One of the races was when they had to dress up in a mix and matched witches costumes and riding brooms in a foot race. Some very nice prizes were given out as well.
Family members brought down their raffle gifts, which filled two very long tables full. As soon as that was done everyone gathered together for the pot luck dinner.
The program began and Sarah Lowe Dees, Alice Lowe French, Shelby Martindale, Tammy Lowe, Rachel Bailey offered to be the host for next years reunion (2004). Also Shelly Lowe Erickson offered to do the adult treasure hunt for next year. During the program many talents were shown. There was singing and some musical instruments playing. Very young and older participated. Then the prizes were awarded. Some of them were for furthest traveled: Earl Ray Lowe & family, Oldest person there honor went to Dennis Wheeler, Newest baby: Zowie French, Parents Josh & Jessica Lowe French, Newest married: Milton Hatch & his bride. I'm sorry, for not knowing her name if you know it please let me know. That's just a few of the people who won prizes. More came with the guessing of how much of different things were in jars.
The raffle went well and Shelly Lowe Erickson won the beautiful green and cream colored hand sewn quilt made by Laurel Lowe Dansie.
As night fall came closer it was time for the adult treasure hunt. It seemed that everyone who went enjoyed the trick and treats that came along with it. While and after a group of late nighters started telling the scariest stories around the "campfire". Alexia Martindale and Dan French won prizes for the scariest ones told. Soon it would be morning and some finished up the reunion with some more bingo. Then everyone said their farewells.
We would like to thank (very, very much) Karen Morrell and her family for putting on a "Spook"tacular reunion.
We really hope to see any and all that can possible be there next year at the Lowe Family Reunion 2004.
written by: Sarah Lowe Dees