Lowe Family Reunion 2005

A look back at how the reunion for 2005 went.




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Lowe Family Reunion 2005

A letter from Sarah Lowe Dees


Each year the family who decides to be the reunion committee put forth a lot of effort to think of clever and fun was to do the reunion and the reunion for 2005 was no different. They came up with the theme "Survivor" and put a lot of the family members to the test. Several in fact. Carrying eggs on a spoon, shooting toothpicks through straws at a target of cups, going cheek to cheek with water balloons in a timed contest. Even at the program they did things a little different by fooling all those kids who got dirty on purpose. Then they announced they were having the biggest smile contest instead.
A few of the program winners were: Josh Price, Survivor winner.  Youngest baby, Austin Warren Lowe.  Furthest traveled, Shelia Peterson & family.  Newest married Josh & Jessica French.  Oldest there, Alma Lowe.  Biggest smiling kid (12 and under) Hunter Lowe age 8 months.  Horseshoe top winners,  Michelle Price and Mike Willson.
The midnight treasure hunt (called midnight because it usually ends at least midnight) went well this year and changeling. It's a hunt that so many of the family members look forward to each year.
Dinner was very good and ran quite smoothly. The raffle was a success and we want to thank everyone for contributing in what ever way they did. With out your help we just couldn't have near as much fun at the reunions.
Thank you so much Mark & Sabrina Lowe and the rest of your family for all that you did before, during and even after the 2005 reunion.
See ya, at the 2006 reunion,
Sarah Lowe Dees

A letter from Ray & Jerrie Lowe


Hi Folks,
The reunion last year was a fun time for all.  We don't stay up over night anymore but still try to be there as much as possible all of the reunion, except sleeping there. Everyone enjoys the meals and the big breakfast. Also the pot luck dinner. We seem to always have plenty for all. It was great fun to watch the young kids look for mystery pennies and the treasure. I love how they all share the treasure when someone finds it. The horseshoe games were a lot of fun to watch and Michelle Price and Mike Willson really had to work to win the top trophies. There were a lot of people who stayed over and camped. But it doesn't seem like we sing around the campfire as much as we use to. The games and treasure hunts went over really well and a fun time was had by all. We really enjoy seeing all our family members and are looking forward to seeing everyone this year.
Love to all,
Ray & Jerrie