Lowe Family Reunion 2008

A look back at how the reunion for 2008 went.




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Lowe Family Reunion 2008

Lowe Family Reunion 2008

Ron and Sherlyn Lowe were the host of 2008 reunion along with many of their family members.

The reunion started off Friday with families coming from all over the place. The first to get there (I do believe) were Betty and Tony Riffle and Betty's daughter Kim and friend, who came the night before from Sunnyvale, UT.  By late afternoon there where trailers and campsites popping up everywhere.

Friday afternoon & evening was spent visiting and setting up camp. Bingo was also played for a while. Horseshoe began with many sign ups & the dinner that the reunion host and family provided was delicious and filling. The effort put into getting the dinner done and serving it to our large group was very well handled as well as for the breakfast the following morning.

There was a tin foil contest, some of the very talented creations were:  hammock and table set with cup and utensils. umbrella, toilet,  outfits (pants and skirt) and eye glasses, and more.

 Conversations continued through out the camps 'til late into the evening.

In the morning breakfast was served to a hungry large crowd  whom were all pleased with the large servings.

Horseshoes continued all the way up to the program.  The games were some old and some new type (or maybe just the redneck version) a few of the type of games played were slingshot the pop cans, fishing pod, blowing wetted down paper (a.k.a spit-wads) out of a straw, etc... very fun and at many times even funny.

The program was a treat in its self. Many individuals and groups showed us their talents. Karen Morrell recited a redneck poem that I think she wrote that was hilarious right along with the redneck outfit she wore. Ron spoke about the past reunions, mystery mouse, funny things that had happen to some of our family members in a "roast" type of way.

The winners of various things were announced and given their prizes. Such as newest baby, furthest travel to get there and more. The horseshoe winners were awarded beautiful trophies done by Victory and Penny Hatch they even made some last place trophies, which were of course redneck styled pop cans. Actually they looked pretty neat.

The tin foil contest winner was the hammock and table set with cup and utensils.
There are photos of some of the winners of the above in the reunion photo gallery.

The evening wound down but still so much visiting to do before family members left that evening or in the morning. The campfire stood lit for a while and trailer and tent lights shined till late in the evening so that as families we could visit just a while longer.

So much fun packed into a few days. Well done to all who helped and all that came to enjoy the Lowe Family Reunion 2008.


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