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Reunion News

The full agenda for the Lowe Family Reunion 2018 is here. 
To find out more info go to the Reunion tab then click:
 The Current Invite and links to past years
Lowe reunion invitataions.

Family Obituary News

We had to say goodbye to a dear family member. 
Pat Willson Christy passed away  
May prayers of comfort be with all their loved ones.
Please go to the family obituary area by going to family news then obituaries announcements
Sorry for the delay in posting, I havn't been able to update till now in this site

(within the obituary page there are a few other recent family members' obituaries)
Just a Note

Family members, it has come to my attention that some of the emails that are being sent to me from this site (via the contact page) don't list a return email address.  Unfortunately, this site will not list the email in the "from" area.  Please note that in order for me to reply to your email you have to list it on the form or in the comments.  Otherwise, it will only show that it came from the lowefamilypage email contact page and I won't be able to reply back to you. If you have sent an email (and I know there is a few) without listing your email, please resubmit your infomation.  Sorry for the confusion.

Sarah Lowe Dees
Lowe Family Page website administrator

Just a Note

Visited the Guestbook yet?


Another new addition to our growing family!
To see who go to Family News then New Birth Announcement.

Missionary  News

For information please go to Family News then Mission.

Wedding News

Welcome Family & Friends.
The site is finally pretty much updated now. Well not really because it will change and be added to as time goes on and with help from family & friends it will grow even more.
Please drop a few lines in the Guestbook/Message area, also there is a  guest map that may be of interest to you.
There is lots of photos in the Genealogy, Reunion and This and That photos galleries to view.
If you would like, please also submit a few photos, family can also add their blog or website link, submit some of yours and/or other family creativity.
Take a look back at how or last reunion went and of other past reunions too. As well as this year and some of the past reunion invitations.
Submit an announcement to the family news, update information for genealogy and/or reunion invitations and much more to look at.
There is a selection of music above to listen to from this page as well.
I'm still in the process of adding more photos and family stories/poems.
I would like to put in some more of the histories of our family's past too. I'll try to do that as soon as I can. Also I'm sure there is a few things that may still need to be fixed and if you find any please let me know.
If you would like to know a little more about how this site began just click on the About icon / button.
Have a look around and most of all enjoy the site and come back often.

Could you  Help?

We are in need of past reunion photos. Please send us some with the year of the reunion and a caption or who is in the photos. As soon as we get them we will put them into the reunion gallery and year that they go to . If we have the same or close to it type of photo we may not use it. Most likely you have just what we are looking for. You can see what year and type we are most in need of by viewing the Reunion Photo Gallery Use the Upload Family Photos button or send the photos to Sarah Dees webmaster@lowefamilypage.com Also if you now names in some of the photos that are missing in any of the photos please email them to me.
Thanks for you help.

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