2000 reunion reviews


All went well and wonderful at the Lowe family reunion for the year 2000. Stephen & Donna Lowe and other family members of the Dean Lowe family did a great job. It’s not always easy to put so much into a weekend but they did it.
Friday evening we setup camp. We seem to have even more trailers this year. But plenty of tents where there as well. By dinner time we had most of the camp filled. For dinner we all had a Mexican dinner was provided by the Lowe Reunion Fund. It was very filling and good.

A wonderful personalized quilt has been made this year by Teri Lowe .  It is a family tree quilt and will hold upon it’s smaller branches there are the names (in the form of leaves) of many Lowe family members. The main branches of this tree consists of the sons and daughters of William Nephi Lowe. And the trunk of the tree represents William Nephi Lowe. This quilt is a work in progress. Although when we left the reunion last year there were a lot of leaves on the tree put on. There still are many more leaves that are needed to be added to the tree. So if your name or some of your family member name’s aren’t on it yet please come up or let us know. This is for the William Nephi Lowe line. Last that I heard Teri was planning to bring it back up this next reunion.
The horseshoes competition was started on Friday as well and it as well has grown in popularity. On Saturday we started with a good breakfast that was provided by the Lowe Reunion Fund as well. Then later bingo started. Then right after lunch time the little ones were treated to fun and games that included ring toss, bag throwing, their own version of a horseshoe competition and more. Every child who played walked away with at least one prize and a big smile. The older ones and grownups too later went for the annually midnight treasure hunt.
Saturday evening we all sat around the campfire and sang songs. Kent (Bill) Lowe of course made the evening more complete with his voice & guitar talent. At that time we all presented him with a remembrance pillow. The pillow was thick and big enough to sit upon. It was signed by many of the people there and later signed by more. Hopefully he will bring it next year and more can sign it and he can sit upon it and sing and strum to us some more.

On Saturday we had or pot luck dinner, program and raffle. At the program we had a lot of fun with a trivia game. Some knew some of the answers. Other had no idea. We also had a couple of “guess how many in the bottle” games and the winners missed the count only be a few. There was lots of gift to be given out some went for who came further, Joyce Hennessey from San Diego Ca.. Who was the newest married, Dan & Alice Lowe French. Who had the longest hair, girl- Dorothy Lowe boy- Justin Lowe. We had a talent number from Kesha Lowe & Jennifer Dees. They sang “Want to buy a bunny”. This year there was lots of donation at the raffle table and all were very much appreciated. Even more so is the amount of money that came in though buying ticket for the raffle.  Jessie (Jackie) Lowe won the Lowe Family quilt. The beautiful needle point quilt again was made and hand stitched by Laurel Lowe. She does so much work on the quilts each year and we all want her to know how much we admire her work and appreciate it. We made plenty enough for next years reunion and even donated a hundred dollars to the first aid fund. Which by the way there was actually no one who fell into the fire pit or was seriously hurt this year. The voluntaries for presidents for next years reunion are Sarah Lowe Dees, Alice Lowe French, Becky Beardall Spalding. Shelly Lowe & Kent Erickson volunteered to help by doing the midnight treasure hunt. So be prepared for a good hunt everyone. Doug Lowe & Jessie Lowe will (as always) be the treasure.

We broke up camp Sunday late afternoon. We all hope that those who came had a fun time and we hope to see them next year. We would also like all of our family members to know that if you didn’t make it this past year please try to come. We may be trying something a little different and having the pot luck dinner, program and raffle on Saturday along with the games. Reason being is to see if we can get those who have Sunday obligation to come up and at least visit.  We would still be staying up there on Friday and Saturday night. Both days and nights we plan on having a lot of fun. On Sunday we would possible have a breakfast and visit and clear out early afternoon. All this is really still undecided as far as details but we will let you know when we know which park it will be and dates of the reunion and the details soon.  We would love to see you all there.
See you next year, Sarah Lowe Dees