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Lowe Family Reunion 2010

 Jessica French 

We had a fantastic time at the 2010 Lowe family reunion! The pirate theme and activities were awesome (Brian loved being a pirate and leading the kids on the treasure hunt) and my girls had a blast. As always, the food was good, the company was pleasurable, and the weather was…. hot. Great job this year!


Shelly Lowe Erickson

Sarah, Jeremy and Shelby and the rest of the crew outdid themselves this year. The Pirate theme was so much fun! The decorations & costumes were Awesome! I especially loved the watermelons made into pirate ships! How clever was that?!!!!! And whoever it was that led the kids on the treasure hunt was a riot! He had those kids totally mesmerized. I loved how he spoke completely in pirate and kept them captivated throughout the entire hunt! KUDOS! One of my favorites was Ray dressed as a Pirate…Parrot, sexy teeth and all… Hahaha… The adult treasure hunt was a blast to watch. Especially with Aunt/”cousin” Ruth… She kept right up with all of them and gave them a run for their money for sure! I was VERY impressed. We can’t forget our ever-friendly camp host… Poor guy spent most of the weekend dealing with the bathrooms…. Oh, the drama!!! Everyone had fun with the horseshoe competition and the trophies were amazing as always! The food was delicious and in keeping with the Pirate theme as well. Lots of talent was shared in the talent show. And of course, the raffle was a big success! Give them all a big hand in successfully pulling off yet another memorable Lowe family reunion!!!

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 Lowe Family Reunion 2008


Sarah Lowe Dees

Ron and Sherlyn Lowe were the host of 2008 reunion along with many of their family members.

The reunion started off Friday with families coming from all over the place. The first to get there (I do believe) were Betty and Tony Riffle and Betty’s daughter Kim and friend, who came the night before from Sunnyvale, UT.  By late afternoon there where trailers and campsites popping up everywhere.

Friday afternoon & evening was spent visiting and setting up camp. Bingo was also played for a while. Horseshoe began with many signups & the dinner that the reunion host and family provided was delicious and filling. The effort put into getting the dinner done and serving it to our large group was very well handled as well as for the breakfast the following morning.

There was a tin foil contest, some of the very talented creations were:  hammock and table set with cup and utensils. umbrella, toilet, outfits (pants and skirt) and eyeglasses, and more.

Conversations continued throughout the camps ’til late into the evening.

In the morning breakfast was served to a hungry large crowd who were all pleased with the large servings.

Horseshoes continued all the way up to the program.  The games were some old and some new type (or maybe just the redneck version) a few of the type of games played were slingshot the pop cans, fishing pod, blowing wetted down paper (a.k.a spit-wads) out of a straw, etc… very fun and at many times even funny.

The program was a treat in itself. Many individuals and groups showed us their talents. Karen Morrell recited a redneck poem that I think she wrote that was hilarious right along with the redneck outfit she wore. Ron spoke about the past reunions, mystery mouse, funny things that had happen to some of our family members in a “roast” type of way.

The winners of various things were announced and given their prizes. Such as newest baby, furthest travel to get there and more. The horseshoe winners were awarded beautiful trophies done by Victory and Penny Hatch they even made some last place trophies, which were of course redneck styled pop cans. They looked neat.

The tin foil contest winner was the hammock and table set with cup and utensils.
There are photos of some of the winners of the above in the reunion photo gallery.

The evening wound down but still so much visiting to do before family members left that evening or in the morning. The campfire stood lit for a while and trailer and tent lights shined till late in the evening so that as families we could visit just a while longer.

So much fun packed into a few days. Well done to all who helped and all that came to enjoy the Lowe Family Reunion 2008.

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Lowe Family Reunion 2005


Sarah Lowe Dees

Each year the family who decides to be the reunion committee put forth a lot of effort to think of clever and fun was to do the reunion and the reunion for 2005 was no different. They came up with the theme “Survivor” and put a lot of the family members to the test. Several in fact. Carrying eggs on a spoon, shooting toothpicks through straws at a target of cups, going cheek to cheek with water balloons in a timed contest. Even at the program they did things a little different by fooling all those kids who got dirty on purpose. Then they announced they were having the biggest smile contest instead.
A few of the program winners were Josh Price, Survivor winner.  Youngest baby, Austin Warren Lowe.  Furthest traveled, Shelia Peterson & family.  Newest married Josh & Jessica French.  Oldest there, Alma Lowe.  Biggest smiling kid (12 and under) Hunter Lowe age 8 months.  Horseshoe top winners, Michelle Price and Mike Willson.
The midnight treasure hunt (called midnight because it usually ends at least midnight) went well this year and changeling. It’s a hunt that so many of the family members look forward to each year.
Dinner was very good and ran quite smoothly. The raffle was a success, and we want to thank everyone for contributing in whatever way they did. Without your help we just couldn’t have near as much fun at the reunions.
Thank you so much Mark & Sabrina Lowe and the rest of your family for all that you did before, during and even after the 2005 reunion.
See ya, at the 2006 reunion,


Ray & Jerrie Lowe

Hi Folks,
The reunion last year was a fun time for all.  We don’t stay up overnight anymore but still try to be there as much as possible all of the reunion, except sleeping there. Everyone enjoys the meals and the big breakfast. Also, the potluck dinner. We seem to always have plenty for all. It was great fun to watch the young kids look for mystery pennies and the treasure. I love how they all share the treasure when someone finds it. The horseshoe games were a lot of fun to watch, and Michelle Price and Mike Willson really had to work to win the top trophies. There were a lot of people who stayed over and camped. But it doesn’t seem like we sing around the campfire as much as we use to. The games and treasure hunts went over really well, and a fun time was had by all. We really enjoy seeing all our family members and are looking forward to seeing everyone this year.
Love to all, Ray & Jerrie 

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Lowe Family Reunion 2004

Ray & Jerrie Lowe

If you didn’t get to the Lowe Reunion last year. You missed out on a real good time. The horseshoe game and Treasure hunt went really well, and the food was real tasty. The program and raffle were great. I think we had more donated for the raffle tables than we have ever had before. The quilt was just gorgeous and as always Laurel did a great job. We are so very lucky and grateful for all the hard work she does. The quilt was won by Becky Spalding. She is the daughter of Margaret and Homer Beardall and granddaughter of Vera and John Lowe. As always Mystery Mouse entertained the children threw out the whole reunion. It just wouldn’t be the reunion without Mystery Mouse. Everything from the decorations, the games, the food and the company was good. Our thanks go out to Sarah & Eric Dees, Alice & Dan French, Shelby & Jerame Martindale and Rachel & Roger Bailey for one of the best reunions so far.
If you can make it to the next one, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.
Love to all our family, Ray & Jerrie Lowe

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Lowe Family Reunion 2003


Sarah Lowe Dees

Things began with walking into the main camp area decorated in cobwebs and spooky objects. The children were already trying to convince family members that it’s Halloween.
Horseshoe sign-ups started, and folks started practicing right away. Family members visited as they got there and some played bingo as soon as it was available.   Of course, Mystery Mouse was up to its usual fun, leaving wrapped pennies and notes of treasure to be found for the little children. This was done all through reunion. We so appreciate (and I’m sure Mystery Mouse does too) those older children who realized the importance of letting the smaller children find the penny and clues. Most everyone was curious and a little afraid of what type of dinner was planned, since it was posted as “Kidney stone soup, fried pig lips rolled in sugar, arm & leg bones, petrified caterpillars and stick bugs, and refreshing bats blood.” It turned out to be delicious homemade chili, bread sticks, punch. Whoosh, what a relief. The rest of the evening was spent visiting.
The next morning many came hungry to the tables for a breakfast of pancakes and fixin’s with bacon, juice, coffee, hot coco. After breakfast the horseshoe contest began, and more bingo was played. Everyone who wanted to be dressed up in their Halloween costumes, looking forward to the contest later.
Later the children played games and races then the 13 and up had their turn. One of the races was when they had to dress up in a mix and matched witches costumes and riding brooms in a foot race. Some very nice prizes were given out as well.
Family members brought down their raffle gifts, which filled two very long tables full. As soon as that was done everyone gathered for the potluck dinner.
The program began and Sarah Lowe Dees, Alice Lowe French, Shelby Martindale, Tammy Lowe, Rachel Bailey offered to be the host for next year’s reunion (2004). Also, Shelly Lowe Erickson offered to do the adult treasure hunt for next year. During the program many talents were shown. There was singing and some musical instruments playing. Very young and older participated. Then the prizes were awarded. Some of them were for furthest traveled: Earl Ray Lowe & family, oldest person there honor went to Dennis Wheeler, Newest baby: Zowie French, Parents Josh & Jessica Lowe French, Newest married: Milton Hatch & his bride. I’m sorry, for not knowing her name if you know it please let me know. That’s just a few of the people who won prizes. More came with the guessing of how much of different things were in jars.
The raffle went well, and Shelly Lowe Erickson won the beautiful green and cream colored hand sewn quilt made by Laurel Lowe Dansie.
As night fall came closer it was time for the adult treasure hunt. It seemed that everyone who went enjoyed the trick and treats that came along with it. While and after a group of late nighters started telling the scariest stories around the “campfire”. Alexia Martindale and Dan French won prizes for the scariest ones told. Soon it would be morning, and some finished up the reunion with some more bingo. Then everyone said their farewells.
We would like to thank (very, very much) Karen Morrell and her family for putting on a “Spook”tacular reunion.
We really hope to see any and all that can possible be there next year at the Lowe Family Reunion 2004.


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Lowe Family Reunion 2002


Kent & Shelly Lowe Erickson 

For those who were (AWOL) Absent With Out Leave, or (MIA) Missing In Action at last year’s reunion held August 9-11th 2002 at Whiting Campground in Mapleton Utah, here are some of the highlights:

The theme was Boot Camp. (Put on by Kent and Shelly Erickson and Family)

On Friday, family members from far and wide started arriving around noon. Everyone set up camp and got reacquainted. At dusk, we sat around the “fireless pit” and enjoyed listening to Kent Lowe play his guitar and sing. (this has been one of my favorite things to do at the family reunion for as long as I can remember.)

The Moonlight Maneuvers (Treasure Hunt, consisting of approx. 50 adults ages 12 on up.)  went off without any major casualties. Along with the normal clues we added approx. 10 team challenges making the treasure hunt even more spectacular and memorable!

The Midnight Raiders were MIA this year but rest assured, they will be back next year with a vengeance! Bwahahaha!

Mystery Mouse seems to find us every year. All of the children look forward to finding paper wrapped coins with names, clues and hidden treasures.

Bingo was played on both Saturday and Sunday morning. Most everyone both young and old participated with fun prizes for all.

Saturday also included games and activities for all ages to enjoy.

* The children enjoyed races, piñata, sawdust hunt, beanbag toss and treasure hunts.  All who participated were awarded prizes and the winners were presented with gold medals.

* The Adult activities consisted of a balloon launch (volleyball), grenade egg toss, water gun shoot, an obstacle course, which presented everyone with multiple challenges, some mental and some physical.  and an all-day horseshoe competition.

The winners of the horseshoe competition were as follows”
* 1st place- Mark Lowe and Dan French.
* 2nd place- Ron Lowe and Sabrina Lowe.
* 3rd place- Matt Lowe and Chris Lowe.

USO Talent Show was held that evening. A few talented family members came forward to share their talents with us this year. We know that there are many MANY others and hope they will share their talents with us next year.

The Moonlight Raffle, (not on purpose) along with the paid breakfast and dinner raised ample funds for next year’s reunion thanks to all who donated their time, talents, and contributions.
* Also a HUGE thanks goes out to Laurel Dansie (and all who helped quilt) who has made the traditional coveted quilt for the past 43 years.
* The winner of this year’s quilt was Alma Lowe Willson.

Yes, Saturday was packed with loads of fun and exciting events.  All had a good time.

Sunday was spent relaxing and getting ready to go back home.

I would love to extend a HUGE thank you to ALL the family members who unselfishly helped to make this year’s reunion such a huge success!!!!!!!

David and Karen Morrell and family have volunteered to be over next year’s reunion to be
held August 1, 2 and 3 of 2003 which is the FIRST WEEKEND in August 2003.
Be sure to mark it on your calendars. Hope to see you ALL there!

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Lowe Family Reunion 2001


Sarah Lowe Dees

The year 2001 reunion was based upon a Renaissance theme.
The host of the reunion for the year 2001 was Lady Sarah Dees or Countess Alice French or Demoiselle Becky Spalding. Thank you so very much to everyone who helped this year.
We started by setting up camps and reacquainting families and getting to know new ones. We had some that we hadn’t seen in a long while come during the program, which made it even more special. We also started with the horseshoe signups. Count Dan & Countess Alice French seen to it that all who signed up and played had fun with that challenging sport.
The Friday night dinner went well, and the roasted chicken was delicious. As well as all the trimmings it was a family effort to get it cooked and put together and a big thanks Jerame Martindale for all the baked potatoes as well as for Jerrie Lowe help with the wonderful dessert and again thanks everyone who helped with the dinner.
Later Bill Lowe’s talents entertained us with his guitar & voice and our own singing sitting around the campfire.
On Saturday more people showed up and we were glad to see them. We were very happy to see Jessie (Jackie) Lowe there. We knew it would most likely be her last one and will treasure the time spent with her always. We had our races for all ages and the egg toss & baby bottle drinking contest which is always fun to play in as well as to watch. Then we had the Children’s treasure hunt (11 and younger) Master Jerame & Mistress Shelby Martindale took charge of that and did a wonderful job.
We played darts and the kids made paper/foil swords and decorated them. Also, the girls (all ages) made head wreath out of chenille wires and fabric flowers. We also had our royalty contest were everyone drew a nametag for a character. Such as knights, pages, royal guards, barons & barrenness’, lady’s in waiting, wizards, dairymaids, squires, footman, maid servants, royal food tasters, mercers, jesters, and many more. We wore our tags though out Saturday and most everyone seemed to have fun addressing each to their appropriate title.
In the afternoon we had our potluck lunch and the program with many wonderful talents. Then we had our royalty contest. The chosen King, Queen, Prince, and Princess proclaimed were
King: Victor Hatch, Queen: Gerri Howard, Prince: Wes Brown, Princess: Amanda Davis.
After they received their crowns and treasures, we then had the raffle. It seems to get bigger ever year, we want to thank Tammy Lowe and all other for their help in the ticket area & setting up before the raffle begin. The quilt that Laurel Dansie made was the crown in the treasures of the raffle. Alice Lowe French won the quilt for the year 2001, much to her delight.
Later we had a hotdog & marshmallow roast and once again enjoyed singing and talking around the campfire.
Saturday evening we had the midnight treasure hunt was a good one this year as it always is when Sir Kent & the Fair Lady Shelly Lowe Erickson take charge of it.  It wasn’t easy though and it had participators up till past 2:00 am. But, as we who have been part of it before knowing, it is supposed to be one of the most challenging hunts ever done. It’s not your average hunt and was for 12 years old and up.
Sunday morning we had breakfast of ham, eggs, and pancakes. One of the stoves was not working properly & we ran out of eggs but with the help of family members we got though it ok.
After breakfast it was time to head for home. All in all, it turned out to be a very good family reunion. It was a reunion that was befitting of royalty.

————————————————- ————————————————-

Lowe Family Reunion 2000


Sarah Lowe Dees

All went well and wonderful at the Lowe family reunion for the year 2000. Stephen & Donna Lowe and other family members of the Dean Lowe family did a great job. It’s not always easy to put so much into a weekend but they did it.
Friday evening we setup camp. We seem to have even more trailers this year. But plenty of tents where there as well. By dinner time we had most of the camp filled. For dinner we all had a Mexican dinner was provided by the Lowe Reunion Fund. It was very filling and good

A wonderful quilt has been made this year by Teri Lowe.  It is a family tree quilt and will hold upon its smaller branches there are the names (in the form of leaves) of many Lowe family members. The main branches of this tree consist of the sons and daughters of William Nephi Lowe. And the trunk of the tree represents William Nephi Lowe. This quilt is a work in progress. Although when we left the reunion last year there were a lot of leaves on the tree put on. There still are many more leaves that are needed to be added to the tree. So, if your name or some of your family member names aren’t on it yet please come up or let us know. This is for the William Nephi Lowe line. Last that I heard Teri was planning to bring it back up this next reunion.
The horseshoes competition was started on Friday as well and it as well has grown in popularity. On Saturday we started with a good breakfast that was provided by the Lowe Reunion Fund as well. Then later bingo started. Then right after lunch time the little ones were treated to fun and games that included ring toss, bag throwing, their own version of a horseshoe competition and more. Every child who played walked away with at least one prize and a big smile. The older ones and grownups too later went for the annually midnight treasure hunt.
Saturday evening, we all sat around the campfire and sang songs. Kent (Bill) Lowe of course made the evening more complete with his voice & guitar talent. At that time, we all presented him with a remembrance pillow. The pillow was thick and big enough to sit upon. It was signed by many of the people there and later signed by more. Hopefully he will bring it next year and more can sign it and he can sit upon it and sing and strum to us some more.

On Sunday we had or potluck dinner, program, and raffle.

At the program we had a lot of fun with a trivia game. Some knew some of the answers. Other had no idea. We also had a couple of “guess how many in the bottle” games and the winners missed the count only be a few.

There was lots of gift to be given out some went for who came further, Joyce Hennessey from San Diego Ca.. Who was the newest married, Dan & Alice Lowe French. Who had the longest hair, girl winner: Dorothy Lowe and boy winner: Justin Lowe.

We had a talent number from Kesha Lowe & Jennifer Dees. They sang “Want to buy a bunny”.

This year there was lots of donations at the raffle table, and all were very much appreciated. Even more so is the amount of money that came in through buying ticket for the raffle.  Jessie (Jackie) Lowe won the Lowe Family quilt. The beautiful quilt again was made, and hand stitched by Laurel Lowe. She does so much work on the quilts each year and we all want her to know how much we admire her work and appreciate it. We made plenty enough for next year’s reunion and even donated a hundred dollars to the first aid fund. Which by the way there was actually no one who fell into the fire pit or was seriously hurt this year.

The voluntaries for presidents for next year’s reunion are Sarah Lowe Dees, Alice Lowe French, and Becky Beardall Spalding. Shelly Lowe & Kent Erickson volunteered to help by doing the midnight treasure hunt. So be prepared for a good hunt everyone. Doug Lowe & Jessie Lowe will (as always) be the treasure.

We broke up camp Sunday late afternoon. We all hope that those who came had a fun time and we hope to see them next year. We would also like all of our family members to know that if you didn’t make it this past year please try to come. We may be trying something a little different and having the potluck dinner, program and raffle on Saturday along with the games. Reason being is to see if we can get those who have Sunday obligation to come up and at least visit.  We would still be staying up there on Friday and Saturday night. Both days and nights we plan on having a lot of fun. On Sunday we would possibly have a breakfast and visit and clear out early afternoon. All this is really still undecided as far as details, but we will let you know when we know which park it will be and dates of the reunion and the details soon.

We would love to see you all there.
See you next year.