Hosting the
Lowe Family Reunion

Making memories for you and other family members

The reunion starts with people who care deeply about continuing the tradition. It’s held in Utah County, Utah, as most of our family is or was originally from there.
If you’re interested in hosting a reunion, this page includes general information. I plan to work with previous hosts to develop a fuller guide and tips. For now, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

The Host

Planning the reunion is up to the host, who is a volunteer elected during the previous year.

When I’ve put together reunions before, it could sometimes be confusing to think of what would make other family members want to come to “this year’s reunion.” But in every case that I’ve been in charge or helped with a reunion, it has always been very rewarding. Rewarding in the sense of an accomplishment, knowing that one has brought together family members. Some of whom rarely or never have would have gotten a chance to visit with each other if not for coming to the reunion. Some of whom see each other quite often but come to celebrate a special family time.

The Theme

There are lots of traditions that people incorporate into the reunion. We have done a themed reunion since at least the early 80’s and it makes for great fun for all. The theme, as long as it’s family friendly, is entirely up to the host.

The Invitation

Some hosts will send out Save the Date cards around last part of Febuary or so. This is to allow family to plan in advance and ask for the time off to attend. Then most send out an invitation with the agenda a month before the reunion. The save the date and agenda are also posted on the Lowe Family Reunion Facebook page.

Please note, there are still family that do not use social media. It is important to mail information so you don’t miss someone who would love to attend.

Please note, there are still family that do not use social media. Mailing the reunion information may help so as you don’t miss someone who would love to attend.

The reunion seems like a lot to take on, but if you ask other family members — and there are a lot of us willing to help — you will find it easier. It’s not as hard as you might think, really. I’m happy to answer any questions and help out, as would most others who have hosted before. It’s an experience that every family should try. You won’t be sorry for doing so. Putting it together and seeing your plans coming to reality can be really fun and rewarding.

Thanks to all those who have hosted and helped with past reunions.

If you get to host a reunion, the link Past Reunion Through The Years (under Reunion) can help you plan. Take a look at them by clicking on the years.

Sarah Lowe Dees